The Rose Connection



1.  Buy the freshest flowers available

2.  Be sure a flower care tag and a packet of floral preservative are included to assist you with proper care.

3.  Put flower stems under water and cut them about one inch from the bottom

4.  Place stems in warm (110 degrees F) preservative solution.  Follow instructions on packet

5.  Avoid placing flowers in direct sun or heat.  Move to cool location at night Do not expose to freezing temperatures

6.  Remove blossoms and foliage as they die

7.  Add water daily.  Add floral preservative as recommended on packet

8.  Clean vase thoroughly to be ready for your next purchase



1.  Purchase the healthiest plants available

2.  Be sure a plant care tag is included with your purchase

3.  Place the plant in an area with light suitable for the specific plant variety

4.  Follow watering guidelines listed on the care tag.  Never over water.  Always drain excess water in saucer underneath plant to prevent root rot and protect carpets and furniture

5.  Fertilize plants according to the manufactuer's instructions

6.  Temperature and humidity are important to plants, just as they are to you.  Purchase plants that will survive in your home environment.

7.  Avoid excessive heat or cold

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